• Concrete Spacer Making Machine

    Concrete Spacer Making Machine

    Description of concrete spacer making machine: 1.The machine adopts hydraulic system and the working procedure is very even and dependable, 2. It is a practical machine that simple in structure,...

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  • Concrete Cover Block Making Machine

    Concrete Cover Block Making Machine

    A few years ago, had never heard the word concrete cover block making machine on in 2010, The cover block making machine slowly into our lives, what is concret cover block machine? what’s use of...

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  • Concrete Spacers Machine

    Concrete Spacers Machine

    1.The key of the new high-intelligent concrete spacer machine is: [only two workers], you can do all the work, from feeding, mixing, production to placing the blocks on the site. Concrete spacer...

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  • Concrete Cover Block Machine

    Concrete Cover Block Machine

    The concrete cover block machine mod. 1021 is a CE approved machine for the production of concrete blocks withvariable height between 60 mm and 300 mm. The range of applicable moulds is virtually...

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  • Concrete Cover Making Machine

    Concrete Cover Making Machine

    pre-sale service: (1) Help customer select equipment model. (2) design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers. (3) train technicist for customers. (4)we send...

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  • Concrete Cover Machine

    Concrete Cover Machine

    Concrete cover machine is one of the Qingzhong machinery, cover block machine equipment, the equipment structure is simple and practical, outlook is novel and attractive, in addition to produce...

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  • Concrete Reinforced Cushion Block Machine

    Concrete Reinforced Cushion Block Machine

    There are 4 kinds of concrete reinforced cushion block machine: 1, manual type concrete reinforced cushion block machine 2, automatic hydraulic press concrete reinforced cushion block machine 3,...

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  • Cover Block Mould

    Cover Block Mould

    cover block mould

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  • Cover Blocks For Reinforcement

    Cover Blocks For Reinforcement

    We don’t sale cover blocks for reinforcement, but we supply for you the machine and method to make cover blocks. Help you make your dreams a reality, Achieve the dream of wealth. In 2013, the...

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  • Triple Concrete Spacer Machine

    Triple Concrete Spacer Machine

    Cement pad can replace plastic pad! It is well known that in order to ensure the thickness of the protective layer of steel, it is often necessary to preform the mortar pad at the construction...

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  • Double Concrete Spacer Machine

    Double Concrete Spacer Machine

    Double concrete spacer machine has achieved success in the market, not only relying on quality, but also being a manufacturer of double concrete spacer machine with a long history in the...

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  • Single Concrete Spacer Machine

    Single Concrete Spacer Machine

    No matter what kind of things are suitable for you, it is better. The same is true for single concrete spacer machine. People should not think that what is expensive must be good. Qingzhong...

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