Status Of Cement Foaming Machine Technology

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Foaming machine first appeared in foreign countries, its original model is the use of high-speed rotating impeller bubble, it is also known as "bubble machine." Later, with the continuous improvement of technology, the technological content of foaming machines is constantly improving, and new models are emerging constantly, resulting in different technical systems. As early as the 1950s of last century, China began to use foaming machine, but not a dedicated foam model, but the use of mortar mixer. The forthcoming foaming agent directly into the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, so that the foaming machine and mortar or concrete together to generate foam. Later, in the 70s of last century, began to appear dedicated foaming machine, that is, high-speed impeller foaming machine. After the continuous technological upgrading and replacement, now has developed into the third generation of high-pressure gas-filled models, the basic can meet the needs of foam concrete. However, compared with other developed countries, the degree of automation of foaming machine in our country is still relatively low. There is still a certain gap between foaming properties and needs to be further improved. From the development trend, this gap is gradually narrowing and narrowing. The main advantage of our current foaming machine is the lower price. Most imported models more than 10 million / Taiwan, the highest 15 to 200,000 yuan / Taiwan, and most of the domestic models of several million / Taiwan, simple and even the smallest models even a few thousand / Taiwan, from the price on the certain advantages, Therefore, suitable for national conditions, welcomed by most small and medium enterprises. At present, there are imitation of domestic models imported models, such as imitation of South Korea to warm foam machine. However, the price of this generic model has been roughly the same as imported models, to popularize the application, there are some price resistance. With the upgrading and progress of technology, it is inevitable for domestic models to rise with the increase of cost but not too high, which is determined by the national conditions.

Regardless of how many domestic and international foam machine brands, how many models, but from the foam principle to be divided, the only widely used high-speed impeller type, high-pressure air type, blast in the low-pressure type three categories. They are the same type of different, but its subsidiary equipment and automation control differences, the structure of the foam part is roughly the same.

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