High-speed Impeller Foaming Machine

- Dec 12, 2017 -

High-speed impeller foaming machine and the corresponding foaming process is the second generation of foam concrete process equipment that appears after the first generation of process equipment. It is also the start of foaming machine and foaming process in the true sense. This foaming machine now seems to have been somewhat backward, but at the time it should be said that a great technological progress. This foaming machine in the 1970s began to appear in our country and application, after several modifications, so far, there are still many companies are still using this foaming machine, the current proportion of the total amount of foam machine About 20%. As China's foam concrete density is getting lower and lower, other technical performance requirements are getting higher and higher, the number of such foaming machine will further decline, but not completely eliminated in the short term. If the technology can be upgraded and modified to improve its foam uniformity and foaming rate, it will have some application value. Can not long-term existence, the key lies in how to improve its technical content and foam quality.

It is the biggest difference with the first generation of process equipment, foam and bubble separated by a process is divided into two sections of the process, most of the subsequent foaming machine followed the two sections of the process. Therefore, it is a good foam by the foam mechanism, and then foaming machine foam by artificial methods, after measurement by adding cement slurry mixer, mixed with the slurry into a foam slurry. The cement slurry mixer is both pulp machine, but also bubble machine, two machines together.

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