Block Machine Function

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Building materials, pad machine is widely used. In the construction process, cement pad can be used as the protection of other items, especially steel, so the quality of cement pad must be reliable. Here we introduce some of the role of cement pad in the construction industry:

1, the role of external forces to resist the protective layer of steel anchoring force, the use of concrete and steel anchoring force between the two closely combined to work together. The protective layer is too thin or missing, reducing its anchoring force, thereby reducing the structure of the axial force and bending resistance.

2, fire protection layer Concrete has a certain role in thermal insulation, in the event of a fire can be more easily softened steel protection. If the thickness of the protective layer is too thin, cracking easily occurs in a high-temperature environment, so that the reinforcing bar destroys the whole structure due to overheating, thereby lowering the strength. In 2003, a project in Hengyang, Hunan, caused the softening of steel bars to collapse and cause heavy casualties due to the high temperature and heat generated by the fire.

3, to maintain the durability of the structure Concrete protective layer is too thin and easy to infiltrate into the damp gas and water, is too thick and easy to produce cracks, which may cause steel corrosion and expansion, so that concrete damage, affecting the use and structural safety.

4, to improve the bearing capacity from the section of the formula of flexural capacity of the formula can be seen, when the thick protective layer is too thick lead to the effective section height h0 decreases, will reduce the section flexural capacity.

Made of steel reinforced with isolated from the outside world, from outside air or water and contact directly affected. Formally, the performance of concrete pad prefabricated with tie wire, high strength cement mortar cubes or concrete blocks. Protective layer pad contains the form of concrete pad, which can include: cement mortar, concrete, plastic and other materials and forms, respectively, for the protection of the floor rebar, cast-in-place steel plate protection layer, Protective layer, beam bottom protective layer, column and beam side and wall protection layer and other parts. So that the above parts have a corresponding protective layer thickness of steel, so that reinforced concrete components can be used in the external environment, will not be reinforced by design requirements outside the corrosion damage, to achieve the durability of concrete structures!

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