You are not qualified to solve the bricks

- Jan 31, 2018 -

In construction, bricks are the foundation of buildings, and of course there are cement bars, but there are more materials for building houses than bricks.

Now turn to burn machine was evolving, baking-free brick machine is a new kind of equipment, the brick industry it has compact structure, strong sealing, the characteristics of the operation is simple and durable, produce brick quality more stable.


However, in the process of use, the brick can be found to be highly inconsistent or the brick density is not enough. What should we do with these phenomena?

The following are the reasons for the failure and the solution to the problem.

1. Reason of failure: the vibration table rubber damping pad is used for too long, with a large difference between front and rear, resulting in uneven vibration table;

The height difference between the vibration table and the vibration table is different, and the vibration of the vibration table is different.

Treatment: if the rubber cushioning pad is worn out, replace the new rubber cushioning pad, then adjust the height of the vibration table mounting bracket.

2. Cause of failure: vibration table positioning shaft, positioning sleeve wear.

Treatment: check and replace worn parts.

3. Cause of failure: the vibration amplitude is different before and after the mold frame.

Treatment: adjust the rubber cushioning pad, loosen the rubber cushion in front, or tighten the rubber cushion in the back.

When a product is unqualified, we will first observation is individual products, or the whole batch of products has a problem, if really is a problem of equipment, we will timely check machine, find out the fault timely solve, avoid waste of materials and affect the service life of the baking-free brick machine.

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