Working process of concrete block machine

- Jul 17, 2018 -

Working Process of Concrete Block Machine:

1.The loaders send the waste residue and raw materials to the batching machine hopper,the cement or fly ash be sent to the hopper of the batching machine by screw conveyor at the same time. Compounding according to the formula computer stored (also can adjust randomly). After the sub-metering , the material was send to the two mixers lifting hopper separately by the feed conveyor belt, then the material is send to the mixer hopper by the lifting bucket.

2. Water is added to the stirred tank stirred based on the amount of water-cement ratio measurement. After 3-5 minutes , the 8m conveyor belt send the materials to the burned- free brick making machine, storage in the material storage hopper .and then materials be send to the top of the mold by the molding fabric car , Centrifugal force produced by the rotation axis and feed the material to the mold box forced. After completion, material car returned behind position. Pressure head down and start the vibrator to work on the material vibration pressure.

3.After molding, lift up the mold box and extrusion products. Then the send machine push the products to the send brick machine after sweeper cleaning ,send to the palletizing machine. The truck transport to the curing room or conservation field for the maintence. 

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