Why use a cement block machine?

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Cement block machine is one of the most common processing machines in the construction industry.

The cement block machine is mainly used in building, paving, etc.

Not only can ensure the processing quality, but also durable, the work efficiency is high.

It has long been in the building now has actually started using concrete cement block to the construction of supporting the construction, why people would choose the concrete cement block to build?

Here is a detailed description of the product for you.

In the construction process, the cement block can be used as the protective layer of other items, especially the steel reinforcement, so it is very important to say that the concrete cement block plays an important role.

Block using now is the modern building facilities support steel reinforced concrete structures during construction is a kind of indispensable one kind of auxiliary material, as early as the mechanism of cement block, more plastic mould processing by hand, because the intensity of visual difference is very big labor intensity big costs high, makes the advent of new cement block machine building industry urgently needs the equipment, the emergence of a new generation of building concrete block machine makes the original manual processing block to phase out.

The raw materials of cement block machine can be fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, slag, ash, sand, etc., can be mixed with certain proportion of cement, currently on the market block machine is mainly divided into semi-automatic cement block machine and full automatic cement block machine two.

In the use of cement block machine, must pay attention to its daily maintenance work, completes the daily maintenance work can not only prolong the service life of the machine, and when use can reduce the machine failure.


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