Why does the block machine become a hit product?

- Feb 07, 2018 -

The equipment used in the construction industry of the block machine is a kind of productive equipment, which is mainly used in the production of cushion blocks, which is widely used in the construction industry, bridge construction and other industries.

The block function produces high quality cement blocks to improve the quality of the building.

Especially in recent years, the block machine has been widely used.

The root cause is the high quality and high production efficiency of block machine.

The raw material cost of the block machine is low, the source is wide, the energy conservation and environmental protection type production, and to realize one machine multi-purpose function.

Also can design according to the need can produce different shape, different size of the block, such as: the road tiles, luyandan brick, slope protection brick road brick, is the only change in the production of block mould is different.

Block machine because of pressure, vibration match reasonable product elegant view, strength good, out of the mold can stacking, save the board.

The application of the block machine is widely used, and the concrete block machine can be used for: building, highway building, high-speed railway construction, tunnel construction, airport construction, subway construction and other industries.

It is used for storing material and distributing device: it adopts closed belt conveyance, strictly controls the small amount of semi-storage material, so as to avoid the impact of aftershock on concrete, and to ensure the strength of products.

The mechanical advantage of the block machine is the unique vibration mode: the concrete block machine USES the computer to control the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system, and the vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion and braking are completed.

The advanced stage compression and vibration mode enables the concrete to fully liquefy and exhaust in 2-3 seconds.

By using the excess oil in pressurization, it is converted into shock force, thus eliminating energy consumption.

Reasonable vibration distribution: the concrete block machine locks the mould box on the vibrating table with the stripping oil cylinder, and the mode is combined with vibration.

A special vibrator is installed on the head to increase the vibration speed.

Reinforced concrete block machine is a kind of vibration mode which makes the concrete rapidly liquefaction, exhaust and make the products reach high density and high strength.

The block mass produced by the block machine is of high quality, and the raw material of the cement block is widely used, which belongs to the environmental saving energy saving device. In the meantime, the resource is also used reasonably.


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