Why do you need to check and repair the pad regularly?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

The block machine is used to make the concrete block of the equipment, in the time of the production of free brick, the use of the pad can be said to have replaced the free brick, it can be said that this is the need of the development of The Times.

Block machine is a automatic machinery and equipment, the production, will into the mixture and concrete block machine mold let equipment after electrify block can be fast production, but sometimes, we will find that the heavily damaged equipment parts, or other problems, but because at that time does not affect production, may not on the heart, so that the results will be surprising.

Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the production equipment regularly and carry out maintenance to ensure the smooth production.

The repair requirements of the block machine shall be determined according to the features and conditions of the equipment, and the repair interval shall be determined, and the repair work shall be organized and prepared.

Repair work is generally divided into minor repair, medium repair, overhaul three kinds.

Small repair is a partial repair of the machine equipment, usually only replace and repair the small amount wear parts, adjust the structure, to ensure the equipment can operate normally.

The small repair work is small, can be used in the production gap time.

The repair is to replace and repair more parts, calibration equipment's benchmark, recovery equipment accuracy, generally can take advantage of the holiday.

The big repair is a complete overhaul of the machine equipment, which takes all the equipment apart.

Due to the large amount of work, it takes a long time to take up a certain amount of production time.

Concrete block machine overhaul, for instance, generally need 2 d to 3 d time, must be planned before the overhaul construction deposit more brick, to overhaul time is too long, can also so that there is no sales quantity of brick.

Of course, in the process of actual maintenance, the participants must have a certain professional support so that they can give the equipment working status and various parts to better maintain.

And even if there is a shortage of maintenance funds, the basic lubrication should be taken seriously, so that the equipment can be in a better state.

When meeting the need to catch up, the better maintenance of the equipment will make the work more efficient, so the maintenance can not be ignored.

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