What problems should be paid attention to when choosing automatic pad-block machine

- Jan 23, 2018 -

We buy pad machine, to factory inspection equipment is a must go through a step. If you only listen to the one-sided words of manufacturers, it is likely that the purchase of equipment quality is not a guarantee. So we must go to the factory site inspection, we visit the best to see the real equipment, so more protection, because we should not only look at the structure of the pad machine composition, but also to see the production status of the pad block machine. So what should we look for when we visit?


This is perhaps also a lot of people's questions, the following is fully automatic Pad machine factory for our summary of experience, we understand together. 1, we investigate at least before the size of the pad machine, production capacity, liquid pressure, the size of production, price, etc., to do a detailed understanding.

Come to the factory inspection, in listening to the manufacturer of this introduction, what do not understand and differences, we must promptly ask manufacturers. 2, to the factory site visits, to see the quality of equipment, workmanship, materials, production workshop, manufacturers scale, etc., but also to understand the credibility of manufacturers? What's your reputation?

Quality is character, character is good faith, if there is no good faith manufacturers, I believe the quality will not be so.

3, Cushion machine hydraulic system, rack, molding system, computer control system should be one by one, to be meticulous and orderly. 4, in addition, the vibration of the pad machine parts, often customers are more negligent place.

This part is sealed, generally do not allow users to do the operation, you can use your hand to scroll a sensation box spindle, see whether the rolling is sensitive, and then the power test, see oscillation is not a murmur, sound is stuffy and powerful is good. Through the above introduction, we can from the above several standards to one by one exclude unqualified manufacturers, a lot of comparison, to know which equipment quality is good. Hope that our introduction can help to have the needs of friends, but also hope that everyone can choose to their own satisfaction with the product. Kyung-Zhong Machinery factory specializing in automatic pad block machine, cement foam machine production and sales, we have this problem or need to welcome you to inquire.

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