What is the daily inspection of the equipment of the brick - free brick machine?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine equipment, although very convenient operation, high work efficiency, but also the inevitable will happen some faults, when fault occurs, we need to promptly repair, but at the same time to reduce the probability of failure, we need to do ordinary maintenance, operation specification, in strict accordance with the process of it.


Generally, there is a 15-day grinding period for the equipment, which must be replaced by the lubricating oil in the bearing.

The method is: the vibration box screw of the device is released, so that the original lubricating oil of the vibrating box can be finished.

Then replace the new lubricating oil in the cabinet of the equipment;

Let the brick machine run for 5 minutes.

Then clean it up and add new oil.

Always pay attention to the load condition of the machine motor, determine whether the current has abnormal fluctuation, and check whether the air pump pressure is normal.

Large, medium and small inspection systems should be developed, and regular inspection should be made, such as: the main machine should be repaired once or twice a month, and it can be repaired and overhauled in winter.

In the process of use of the vacuum brick machine in the equipment, it is necessary to check the condition of the filtration system and the sealing condition of the joints to ensure the vacuum degree.

The water ring vacuum pump should be adjusted in time to tighten the bolts and replenish the packing.

Spindle ground dragon dismounting method: unloaded into NiTou, unscrewing hex socket bolts, if open the front sections ground dragon don't need to open the injunctions cylinder, when the whole ground dragon, first open the cefuroxime cylinder, and then remove the floating shaft.

We only have to do the daily detail work, can make the performance of the brick machine equipment more stable.

If appear some problems, we at the time of handover to account, if the staff can repair, timely maintenance downtime, and cannot solve the hand over to a professional to do, don't disassemble parts, to avoid bigger problems.

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