What is semi-automatic block machine?

- Jun 06, 2018 -

Introduction of Semi-automatic Block Machine

Semi-automatic block machine is a kind of small block machine, is on the basis of the original block forming machine, the technical innovation and development, production model, designed a set of efficient reinforced protective layer with concrete block and cement mortar reinforced protective layer of cement block machine, greatly improved the production efficiency, reduce the cost and output of the block has high strength, shape rules, the advantages of easy to use, instead of homemade cement block machine mortar pad and the strength of the plastic block is low, prevent the disadvantages such as poor permeability and the concrete structure is bad.

Semi-automatic block machine can replace the different models of block mould, production of a variety of products, such as concrete block, steel block, contact pad railway bridge dedicated block, stirrup block concrete component, decorative component, european-style components, zinc alloy, the stirrup, and so on.

The semi - automatic block machine has reasonable design, good performance, high quality, high density and strength. This machine adopts upper mould push and pull, automatic scraping material, convenient and flexible operation, its performance can be comparable with the equipment of large pad machine. It is an ideal equipment for small and medium sized cushion block machine factory.

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