What are the relevant characteristics of FRP extruder?

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Glass fiber reinforced plastic trash in our production and processing equipment has a very important role, but we in the use of FRP pultrusion machine and what are the relevant knowledge, then we can do some simple introduction for you.

For pultrusion profiles with heavy section plan, pull strong, safe and reliable running, setting and debugging, continuous two kinds of traction point, facilitate conciliation production technology, sophisticated dual hydraulic system, the system of mutual interference resistance ability is strong, with strong cooler, easily implement 24 hours running, tension electrical, hydraulic components to accept international famous brand, high acuity, low block rate, prevent early warning results.

Principle and components of hydraulic puller:

(1) hydraulic pultrusion machine principle is the glass fiber reinforced plastic thermoforming within the original material in the mold after, again by two clamping traction longmen alternating operation of continuous pull out its, necessary to get a variety of glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles.

(2) hydraulic extruder is composed of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components.

The mechanical department consists of a heating rack, a rack and two clamps.

Hydraulic unit is composed of two independent hydraulic system, respectively by the oil pump, clamping cylinder, cylinder thrust, integrated valve block, speed regulating valve, filter valve, oil filter, oil cooler and fuel tanks and other components;

The electrical department includes heaters, thermostats, motors, control boxes, etc.

According to the difference of traction, the hydraulic puller is divided into 12 tons, 16 tons and 20 tons.

The size of the traction depends on the specification of FRP profiles.

Since we believe that everyone in the introduction of the above for FRP pultrusion machine have more knowledge and understanding of related knowledge, so after we have introduced more information, please continue to pay attention to us.

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