What are the advantages of the pad machine?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

When used in the cement foaming machine to ensure that its use performance, we have to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance is necessary, but also has a lot of users for cement foaming machine maintenance does not understand, in the life can't do this job, so resulting in a decline in the performance of the cement foaming machine, so to help users better well cement foaming machine maintenance, the following is the cement foamed vendors would introduce relevant knowledge.


1. The motor inspection shall be in good appearance, fastening and reliable, and no damage to the motor fan.

2. Electrical control box inspection.

The wiring is intact and unbroken;

Clean, dry and sundry inside;

The instrument, indicator light, switch and other devices are complete and sound.

The switches should be in a specified state before starting.

3. Power supply and transmission line inspection.

Cable and power cable connection should be firm.

4. The hopper should be cleaned, without cement and debris;

The stirring blades shall be fastened, intact, without damage or deformation.

5. The fixed conditions of each pump, oil motor and valve are in accordance with the requirements, and the connection with the tubing is strong and the seal is good.

6. Oil level inspection.

The oil surface should be in the middle of the liquid level.

In addition to the maintenance work to do, the inspection of the cement foaming machine at the same time we also can't be ignored, so in the future life we must carefully check cement foaming machine, before and after use to use, avoid the happening of the fault, hope that we can keep in mind.

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