What are the advantages of full automatic fire - free brick machine?

- Feb 25, 2018 -

The automatic fire free brick machine is the special equipment of the brick factory. It has the characteristics of full automatic operation, can produce many kinds of bricks, and the application in the brick factory is very wide.

Compared with the traditional burning brick machine, the advantages of automatic brick - free brick machine are more obvious. How much do you know about these advantages?

Next, we will introduce the advantages of the fully automatic fire - free brick machine.

Free brick without sintering, natural curing, normal temperature steaming.

The equipment production of finished products was achieved by brick building materials industry standards, is a waste comprehensive utilization, eliminating environmental pollution, save land resource, promote urban and rural labor employment, rich ideal equipment.

Baking-free brick production line baking-free brick machine is the main equipment, namely, commonly known as the pressure or brick making machine, brick machine is main equipment of producing baking-free brick, the baking-free brick machine has a wide range of materials, applicable ability, can use a variety of material preparation baking-free brick;

At the same time, the company also provides the material mixing and transport equipment for the non-burning brick machine.

This kind of equipment has the characteristics of compact structure, large pressing force, strong rigidity, full sealing and dustproof, circulation lubrication, simple operation, high yield and durability.

The most advanced technology is used in feeding mechanism, rotary disc rotation and so on. It has the advantages of high power transmission, smooth operation, accurate position and low maintenance rate.

Is mainly used to suppress the fly ash, river sand, the sand, sand, mineral powder, slag, etc as main raw materials of baking-free brick, steamed sand brick, brick and hollow brick production, is the country vigorously mediated the environmentally friendly building materials equipment baking-free brick with fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, slag, chemical residue or natural sand, such as tidal marsh mud (more than one or several kinds of raw materials) as the main raw material, manufacturing without high temperature calcination of a new type of wall materials called baking-free brick.

The product conforms to our country to protect farmland, save energy, adjust measures to local conditions, use local materials "general guidelines for the development of building materials, conform to the state department has forward" strict limits on the field of brick actively promote the wall reform opinion ", conform to the state Treasury the fiscal and taxation of the state administration of taxation issued a word (1996) 20 file "on the part of the comprehensive utilization of resources products continue to implement value-added tax preferential policy notice", the product belongs to building materials product is free of VAT.

Due to its high strength, good durability, standard size, complete appearance and uniform color, it has a natural appearance and can be used for any decoration.

Therefore, it is a kind of replacement products that replace clay bricks with great development prospects.

The advantages of automatic baking-free brick machine is introduce to here, if you are interested in our introduction, you can visit our website or call our professional automatic baking-free brick factory.


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