Use caution and maintenance method for hammer crusher.

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Hammer crusher is a kind of machine for crushing medium - hardness material in industrial sector.

The crushing operation mainly depends on the impact force.

Always check the fuselage before using hammer crusher.

To do this in use:

1. The material shall be evenly distributed, and the material shall be distributed at the bottom of the material, in case the motor load is unstable.

2. It is forbidden to enter the machine with iron and other materials that cannot be broken, so as to avoid damaging the equipment and causing accidents.

3. When the crusher is in operation, the staff shall not stand in the inertia force line of the rotor and strictly prohibit any cleaning, adjustment, inspection and other work to avoid the danger.

4. During the production process, it is necessary to monitor the upper limit of the bearing temperature of the feeding machine, roller feeding machine and crusher at any time.

More than 80 ℃ (outdoor temperature 40 ℃), should immediately stop, notify the part disposed of properly.


The working face of the hammer head is divided into five parts, which will be changed when worn to 3/5.

6. Check the wear condition of the hammer head within 30% of the total weight.


The clearance of the grate shall be guaranteed to be 3-4 cm from the highest working face at the work of the hammer head, not exceeding 5 cm, and shall be adjusted at any time according to the wear condition.


When replacing the hammer head, weigh the weight and place the weight in the middle. The total weight deviation in each row is not more than 3 kg.


When the bearing temperature is too high, it is strictly forbidden to use water cooling.

After a period of use, the temperature is too high for three reasons: the bearing oil is too dirty, too much, too little.


The treatment method is to open the bearing cover, clean with diesel oil and refuel.

10. If the parking time is more than 40 minutes, please contact the central control parking.

In order to keep the machines and parts in good working condition, as far as possible to reduce unplanned downtime, should carefully check in the daily maintenance and repair machine, timely understanding of the machine parts.


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