This paper introduces the protection work of brick machine.

- Jan 18, 2018 -

In the summer, because the temperature is higher, for many machines will cause certain effect, if we don't do a good job protection, will cause damage to the machine, so that we can't normal use.

For baking-free brick machine, its use range is very wide, and is more frequently used in the summer, we didn't to do a good job of protection it will affect our normal use, specific how should we do then?

The following is the introduction of the automatic fire - free brick factory.

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1. When the machine is running, all protective cover and floor cover must be installed.

2. Check the grounding wire of the electrical part to avoid leakage and short connection.

3. The motor direction is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid the accident.

4. If the machine is abnormal, stop and check it immediately.

5. When the brick machine is not moving, no feeding mechanism should be started, so as to avoid the phenomenon of loss of billets due to overload.

We should cover a layer of sunscreen when we do not use the brick, and avoid prolonged exposure to high temperature, causing damage to some parts.

After understanding, we must do a good job of protecting the brick - free brick machine in our future life.

This will ensure that the machine is not damaged.

I hope our introduction can help you.

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