There are some commonly used peanut pickers

- Mar 26, 2018 -

What kinds of peanut picker are commonly used?

The peanut picker can be divided into two kinds: full-feed peanut picker and half-feed peanut picker.

Full feeding type peanut picker generally USES gas to comb type picking fruit principle, mainly used in the north from the dry peanut shoots after picking fruit, such as 4 hz - 680 type peanut picker, 5 hz - 500 type peanut picker, 4 hz to 50 b type peanut picker, etc., its efficiency is artificial operation efficiency of more than 40 times, can meet the production requirements of peanut picking fruit.

Half feeding type peanut picker consumption power is small, the peanut vines and tidy after picking fruit, facilitate storage machine utilization, removable wet fruit of good quality and low broken rate, and can be matched with walking tractor to operate in the field.

However, its structure and transmission system are more complex, the manufacturing cost is higher, and the efficiency ratio is lower than the total feeding type, which has a small application in the south of China.

Now people almost always use the full - feed peanut picker to harvest peanuts.

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