The work of the peanut picker is important

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Peanut picker has become the good assistant of farmers harvest peanuts, than previous old-fashioned manual harvest, peanut picker and high working efficiency, but also picked clean fruit, so a peanut picker is a farmer friends necessary agricultural machinery harvest season.

But in our northern region is usually eight harvest peanuts in September, the next with peanut picker to the next year, so the peanut picker in the use of before and after the use, we also need to do some work.

Qingzhong machinery plant has been engaged in the production and sale of peanut picker, to give you a share, I will give you some notes on the use of peanut picker.

Before the peanut harvest, the peanut picker needs to be repaired and inspected.

1, homework before, to check the peanut picker parts have connection bolt looseness, pulley whether the installation is firm, turn the pulley by hand to see whether the friction phenomenon, picking fruit have part of gear hobbing without open welding and missing teeth;

2. Rotate the roller gear by hand to observe whether the rotation is smooth;

3. Check whether the tension of the triangle belt of each transmission part is reasonable;

4. Check whether the diesel engine is running well;

Check whether the motor is running normally and whether there is leakage in the power cord;

5. Install protective cover for each rotating part.

Only to do a good job of the security check, we in the use of peanut picking fruit machine can avoid some accidents, and can avoid in the process of harvesting machine fails, affect the normal harvest of peanuts.

In the process of using the peanut picker, we may encounter other problems. If you still don't understand, please contact us at any time, and we sincerely welcome you to qingzhong machinery factory.


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