The voltage will affect the normal operation of the block machine

- Apr 23, 2018 -

The block machine is specially designed for the production of pad, and the machine needs to be connected with the power supply to make the block machine run.

We know that any power equipment will involve voltage instability, so does the voltage instability affect the production of the pad machine?

Block machine to block in the production, the whole equipment is the total power of around 24 kilowatt-hour, voltage instability, seize the power unit motor block device motor burned consequence is very serious, may lead to drop phenomenon in a lifting equipment, safety accidents, and for the cost of the replacement of a new power unit is also higher.

Therefore, in the use of block machine equipment, to prevent voltage instability, when operating the power converter is equipped with 380 v, so that it can be the voltage stability, based on the places where users can't external 380 v power supply situation, also can use 220 v, but you need to pay attention to the voltage stability of the situation, also can avoid the above situation.

By adding the converter as an external force on the device, it can adjust and control the voltage stability, and also reduce the damage of the block machine equipment.

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