The vibration state solution of the cement foaming machine.

- Jan 16, 2018 -

When the equipment malfunction during use, we need to solve, such ability won't affect the performance of the equipment, but also can improve the efficiency of efficacy, when used in cement foaming machine will appear vibration phenomenon, not solve for a long time can cause a greater loss, so we can't ignore any details, so for this phenomenon, we should be how to solve?

Below is the introduction that the cement foaming machine factory makes, understand together.

The main reason is due to air introduction of foaming agent evenly dispersed in aqueous solution, gas liquid contact interface as large as possible, so that the surface activity of foaming agent content in liquid membrane surface electric double layer and surrounded by air, to form bubbles.

The bubble formed cement foaming agent vibrations of damage, the vibration is too large, also will cause the machine to install instrument damage, so how to reduce the vibration of the cement foaming machine to be addressed.


So how can we reduce the vibration of the cement foam machine?

Let's move on.

When there is a vibration condition, should pay attention to in the use of cement foam machine, will move up, make the foundation is stable, try to make the foam cement machine has good stability, not to let the cement foaming machine is not stable and vibration generation.

Secondly, when installing the cement foaming machine, use the floor screws as far as possible, fix the cement foam machine on the ground, and tighten the screws when the screws are loose.

If it is a mobile foaming machine, install a stable foot.

This can effectively reduce the vibration of the cement foaming machine.

Understand the causes of vibration and the solution, we met in later life can better handle this phenomenon, of course also can avoid failure, only to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance, can reduce the occurrence of fault, hope everyone can do these two work.

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