The type and function of the block machine

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Block machine is a kind of equipment commonly used in construction industry, its appearance greatly emancipates the labor force.

It's the workers behind the construction industry.

There are many kinds of block machines, which are generally divided into manual small pad machine, vibrating cement block machine, automatic hydraulic reinforced concrete block machine, static pressure concrete block machine, and the specific use is as follows:

The hand-made small pad machine is installed in the steel frame with two vibrating motors, and the mould is placed on the frame.

Place the concrete in the mould and start the vibrating motor.

After the concrete is evenly filled into the mold, the mold can be released, with an average of 2 minutes.

Each person can produce 3, 000 blocks per day.

Low yield, low vibration motor and large labor force.

Vibration cement block machine: my company production of mechanical vibration type cement block machine, the machine adopts four-column guide, equipped with super vibrating motor, with smaller power to realize the strong vibration effect, make each concrete raw materials can effectively fill the flow of dense, greatly improving the production efficiency, and the production of bedding block uniform density, high strength 'automatic hydraulic reinforced concrete block machine, hydraulic automatic cement block machine is currently the most advanced in the domestic industry, the most ideal concrete concrete production equipment, specializing in the production of this block machine equipment design is reasonable, high degree of automation, cover an area of an area small, high production efficiency.

The concrete block machine equipment specializing in the production of various specifications of cement concrete block, including roller block, block, eight hours a day can produce type (15 mm - 20 mm) of concrete more than 60, ten thousand;

(30mm-50mm) can make up to 350,000 blocks per day for 8 hours.

The size of the cement block is different and the yield is different.

The production of this concrete block machine is easy to operate, and 3-4 people can produce.

Static pressure concrete block machine: the cement block machine adopts hydraulic transmission, integrated circuit, electrical control, with a high degree of automation, low noise long life, easy operation, compact structure, etc.

This block machine mainly produces circular perforation, stirrup with hole cement gasket, can be directly palletized after production.

Save the tray.

With high efficiency and wide application range, it can produce various types of cement blocks or concrete blocks, etc. It is an efficient and cheap working machine.


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