The supervision of the components before the operation of the cement foaming machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

All kinds of mechanical products must be inspected before use, only we in the mechanical operation before the product parts are inspected and supervised in place to help the use of machinery, cement foam machine is the same, then the cement foam machine in the operation of the need for us to conduct the inspection and supervision of the parts?

Below our professional cement foaming machine manufacturers to give you a detailed introduction about the operation of cement foam machine before the inspection of some knowledge to help everyone in the future better use of cement foam machine.

In the use of cement foaming machine, to the cement foam fastener inspection, the need to check the fastening of the bolt connection has the following content:

1. Fixing bolts of stirring barrel

2. The clamp nut of the conveying pipe

3, the main cylinder ends connecting bolts

4, Material cylinder body, rod bolts and nuts

5. Oil pump suction port, outlet and pipe connection bolts

6, each pump and the pump seat, the pump seat and the bottom plate, the oil motor and the support fixed bolt

7, the cylinder body connector and the frame connection bolt The above is our factory for you to sum up about the cement foaming machine before the operation of our staff need to carry out some of the equipment inspection work, we in the actual mechanical operation must be in accordance with the above 7 points of knowledge of the equipment inspection supervision, only our staff in the mechanical equipment operation when the inspection and supervision in place, Mechanical ability to operate correctly.


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