The small secret of the peanut fruit picking machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

In our daily life needs the amount of our care for the maintenance of a lot of things, such as one of our clothes, a pair of shoes need our love, not to mention the company with our machinery, then our peanut fruit picking machine How to maintain it? Peanut fruit picking machine industry in the continuous development, for peacetime life brought great convenience, this machine not only overcome the difficulties of harvesting can also get rid of the traditional harvest form, so that the efficiency of the harvest is better, the use of mechanical equipment can also be an early realization of mechanization of the process, then,

In peacetime, how to maintain the mechanical equipment and prolong the use of tax life, the following listen to the professionals to introduce you. Usually want to extend the life of the peanut fruit picker need to be able to regularly maintain inspection, especially to the mechanical small parts of the regular inspection, for the long-term wear more serious parts need to be able to replace timely, so as to achieve the timely elimination of the machinery of various hidden troubles effectively prolong the machine's service life,

Also better guarantee the normal operation of the equipment; In addition to the need to be able to regularly check the lubrication of the machine, can continue to add lubricating oil so that can effectively slow down the machine wear, to effectively extend the efficiency of the use of time to increase the role. Want to prolong the life of the peanut-picking machine? Then we have to strictly operate the process, to avoid your unnecessary mistakes, but also to reduce the possibility of serious damage, pay attention to maintenance, peanut fruit picking machine content on the introduction, I hope to help.


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