The reason of cracking of foaming cement is analyzed by cement foaming machine factory

- Mar 16, 2018 -

As is known to all, the cement foaming machine is a kind of machine for the cement foaming.

In normal circumstances, the foaming cement produced after the use of the cement foaming machine has a very wide application, but if the foaming cement is produced, it will bring us great disadvantage.

Below our professional cement foaming machine factory home is to analyze the reason that bubble cement craze for everybody.

First result in the crack of the cement foaming machine production of foamed cement is a very important reason, is the use of material, if you use the material is not uniform, such as a kind of ordinary cement products if you don't use sand, will result in the crack of the foamed cement, if use the sand but don't use the stone, so he's stronger than to reach, or cracking phenomenon will happen after a few years away, the similar truth, if you use the stone, don't use the steel bar, also can appear after decades craze, so cracking phenomenon is not accidental, so we can learn that the cement type of products is not long withstand severe weather phenomenon, in the actual production, cement foamed cement foaming machine production, why will often in concrete cracks, uneven and use of materials, has a lot to do.

The cause of the cracking of cement in addition to the material we mentioned above is not uniform, the flexibility of the material problem, the internal stress of the same material, cold and hot shock, dry shrinkage, and material of crystal is will be the important cause of foamed cement crack.

Result in the crack of the cement foaming machine to produce foamed cement has many causes, in our real life, only to find the crux of the problem, suit the remedy to the case, to solve the problem, bring convenience for our production.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reason of cracking of foaming cement.

I hope to understand the related knowledge of foaming cement cracking and bring convenience to your life.

We will continue to work hard and learn more knowledge to share with you.

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