The purpose of mechanical maintenance is introduced

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Machinery is a device that is used in every industry, whether it be that kind of machine, to prolong its service life, and to do maintenance work well.

Especially if the machine is in a bad environment for a long time, if it is not well maintained, the machine will soon fail for various reasons.

Why do we have to maintain the machinery?

Let me introduce you.

The purpose and significance of equipment management and maintenance.

The quality of equipment management and maintenance of the equipment is directly related to whether to keep good work precision and performance for a long time, relates to the hydraulic equipment failure rate and operation efficiency, is related to the quality of processed products, related to the plant production efficiency and economic benefits;

Should pay special attention to the "blowout" over the link, "governance" can make less equipment out of order, reduce the time of the outage maintenance, greatly improve the service life of the machinery and equipment, working performance and safety performance, the economic benefit is very significant.

Daily maintenance

Daily maintenance workers refers to the operation of the injection molding machine equipment in the machine before use, in use, after use to routine inspection equipment, and daily inspection records, through the daily check the maintenance, inspection, such as leakage, pressure change wait for a phenomenon, early detection of accident and fault symptom, treatment in time, prevent the occurrence of major accidents.

Daily maintenance should be carried out in the responsibility system.

The purpose of mechanical maintenance is very clear, which is to reduce the mechanical failure and make the machine use more time.

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