The production process of aerated concrete is introduced in the block machine factory.

- Feb 25, 2018 -

Aerated concrete is made of siliceous materials and calcareous materials, which are made of air conditioners.

It is named after the air bubble after the aerated concrete.

The application of aerated concrete in non-load-bearing block production is very good.

Aerated concrete is usually produced by specific equipment, and the production process is as follows.

1. The raw material storage and feeding materials of the aerated concrete block are transported into the factory by the automobile, and the fly ash (or sand and stone powder) is concentrated in the raw material field, and the loading hopper is used when used.

2, fly ash aerated concrete block material handling (or sand, stone powder) by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, belt conveyor into the ball mill, grinding fine after the fly ash or sand, stone powder with fly ash pump were sent to the slurry storage tank.

Lime by electromagnetic vibrating feeder, belt conveyor into the jaw crusher for crushing, after crushing limestone by bucket elevator into lime storage, then through screw conveyor into the ball mill, after fine grinding of the material by screw conveyor, bucket elevator, into powder in the mixing tank.

When the chemical is measured in a certain proportion, a certain concentration of solution is produced and stored in the storage tank.

3, aerated block ingredients, mixing, pouring lime, cement by powder mixing tank under the screw conveyor in order to automatically JiLiangCheng cumulative measurement, and scale has a screw conveyor under the pouring material to the mixer.

Fly ash or sand, stone powder and waste slurry in the measuring cylinder measurement, measurement in a variety of material after mold already in place, can be slurry mixing, slurry before pouring should meet the process requirements (about 45 ℃), such as the temperature is not enough, can be in slurry tank steam heating, 0 before pouring material.

Add aluminum powder suspension for 5 ~ 1 min.

4, at the beginning of aerated block cutting after casting mould with conveyor chain and the gas at the early push to raise the initial setting, room temperature is 50 ~ 70 ℃, in the early time of 1.

5-2 hours (according to the favorable conditions, this process can be avoided). After the initial feeding, the mould frame and the blank body will be suspended together with the negative pressure lifting device to the cutting table of the bottom plate of the kettle.

Remove the mold frame.

Cutting machine is carried out on the body transverse, longitudinal cutting, milling head, frame hanging back to mold the car manual cleaning and degreasing, then the crane to group the next injection mold, die car cut after the body along with the kettle bottom pulley in the kettle on two layers of pattern, and interlayer has four support, a number of tank car as a set.

When cutting, the blank side waste is produced by the screw conveyor to the waste pulp whipping machine next to the cutting machine. The water is made into waste pulp and used when the ingredients are used.

5, aerated autoclaved and finished product base on you in front of the kettle body, after the completion of marshalling open a door to the kettle autoclaved boo boo, use hoist first pull out the finished product tank car inside the kettle, and then will prepare autoclaved kettle car hoist pull in autoclaved kettle for maintenance.

Tank car manufactured by bridge crane crane to the shipping department, and then use fork lift to the finished product storage area, and the kettle bottom empty kettle car back to the return line, clean up after using hoist back to the code for the next cycle

Due to the variety of production materials of aerated concrete, it can comprehensively utilize waste residue and reduce the pollution of waste residue, which is of great help to the environment and is strongly supported by national policies.


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