The pad machine tool manufacturer will teach you the maintenance knowledge of the block machine

- Mar 19, 2018 -

Block machine in our production and processing has a very important role, so we need to block machine in use for which maintenance, then we simply introduce some for you.

Check whether the screws in each part of the block are loose, and tighten up if there is any loose.

Check the reducer of the block machine, whether the lubrication points of the oil cylinder of the vibrating table are short of oil and oil leakage.

The oil quantity is strict requirement ruler, oil mark two-thirds is appropriate.

Every working day should be done to the cleaning of the block machine and the thorough cleaning of the working environment, especially the upper and lower molds are best to blow the air, keep the pad mold free of debris, keep the mold smooth.

Block machine every time, before starting the machine's air compressor to run a few times, do careful observation, check each part whether the presence of noise, stop working free to several times before, let the yard inside the material completely exhausted, the left to avoid corrosion of concrete to the bin and die, die block glue the impurities out would not be complete, incomplete, is serious harm to the mould life.

From the above we believe that everyone in the introduction of related maintenance knowledge of block machine have more knowledge and understanding, then we have more wonderful content, please continue to focus on us and on the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival celebrating machinery factory in huaxian county enjoys early to wish you all a happy New Year!

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