The pad machine manufacturer introduces the breakdown maintenance of the crusher.

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Crusher is one of the common machinery in mining, crusher according to the industry, generally divided into medical crusher and mining crusher.

Mine crusher is mainly used to break bulk ore.

It is a very important machine in mining.

Due to the bad working environment of the crusher, it is easy to cause the failure of the breaker.

What should we do with these failures?

Because of crusher is relatively poor working conditions, in the process of running under torque or vibration is larger, often caused by driving system fault, the common bearing housing and bearing wear, spindle head, keyways wear, pulley, coupling inner hole wear, etc.

At the same time, due to the serious dust in the production site and the poor lubrication conditions, it will also accelerate the wear of the transmission parts.

Hammer crusher bearing wear and tear of the solution: hammer crusher in the process of running, because is affected by various factors, bearing caused by wear and tear, problems, according to the traditional method to repair welding or brush plating repair after machining.

However, the thermal stress caused by the welding temperature cannot be completely eliminated, and the short axis is easy to appear in the operation, causing major accidents.

Due to the influence of coating thickness, brush plating is easy to flake off. Under the combined action of various forces, it will still cause repeated wear.

It has strong adhesion, excellent comprehensive properties such as compressive strength, adopts the ka wah polymer composite materials, through the mold repair, to avoid, can free disassembly, machining, fast and efficient repair of bearing wear.

Avoid the possibility of repeated wear, and greatly extend the service life of equipment parts (including bearings).

The solution for the damage of the shaft of the crusher shaft and the internal hole wear of the coupling:

In the long run process, due to the influence of various factors, the shaft head and keyway are worn out and prone to bend or break.

The brush plating is limited by coating thickness and easy to flake off;

In addition, the above methods are metal repair metal, unable to change the "hard to hard" cooperation relationship, under the comprehensive action of various forces, will still cause the wear again.

Crusher is in use, should pay attention to machine maintenance and maintenance, only good love machinery, to use longer and more crusher related content, please visit our official website or the telephone contact us professional crusher manufacturer to understand.


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