The operation flow of the cement block machine stripper.

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Used cement block machine should be know, cement block machine is you need to use the ejector demoulding of the operation, the operation of the ejector must be correct, haven't contact may comparative stranger to the operation, in order to let everybody know, here is the cement block factory is introduced.


1, connected to the power supply, check the cement block lifting mechanical and electrical machine is normal, low speed for rising: 57 mm/min, high speed for the fallen: 114 mm/min, if you have normal adjustment using electric demoulding, bakelite ball will pull handle, use the manual parting, the bakelite handle into the ball.

2. If no abnormality can be found, the finished specimen shall be placed on the top of the top plate of the cement block extractor, and the lower end shall be used as the screw head for the positive stripper pad, and the supporting test tube shall be supported.

3. Turn on the uplift switch, when the stripper screw is up to 57mm/min, and the test piece is removed to the top of the test module, which is to stop, and the wire rod is removed.

4. Clean the instrument after it is removed, and keep the instrument clean for the next use.

Through the above introduction, believe everybody to the operation of the cement block machine ejector process have a certain understanding, also hope we can give you the introduction of help in the future operation, our company is mainly engaged in sales of cement block machine, want to buy cement block machine or understanding of relevant knowledge, you are welcome to inquire at any time.

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