the motor of Full automatic fire free brick electromechanical machine is easy to malfunction

- Jan 12, 2018 -

The use of automatic baking-free brick machine equipment performance and improve the next level, so it has been widely used in many industries, when used in the automatic baking-free brick machine equipment also can appear a lot of failure, these phenomenon is inevitable, common have automatic baking-free brick machine equipment of motor are prone to failure, we should be aimed at this point the comprehensive to understand, below is about the automatic baking-free brick machine equipment motor fault summary, learn together.


First, the motor is too hot or smoky.

This is a kind of motor fault common phenomenon, which is the performance of the motor overheating, there are also external causes motor's own reason, external reason may be that sometimes load is too big, the work time is too long, the production of the environmental temperature is higher, such as the hot summer months) and poor ventilation.

The poor quality of the motor itself is an essential problem.

Second, there is noise.

There are several reasons for the noise: when the stator and rotor are rubbed, the noise will be made. The bearing should be detected in time and the damage needs to be replaced.

When the bearing is short of oil, there will also be noise, when the bearings should be replaced in time, adding new oil immediately.

The other thing is that the motor is running low and the sound is so loud that we can turn off the power before we can open it again.

There are impurities in the wind leaves, which can also cause noise. Professional maintenance technicians should be asked to check the wind leaves and timely correct the debris in the leaves.

Third, the motor speed is low.

Check whether there is any problem with the rotor, damaged or blocked.

It may also be due to low voltage.

Motor appear different fault we should adopt different methods to solve, so as to better guarantee the automatic baking-free brick machine equipment can normal use, hope you know these, can study more, find out the preventive measures, to ensure the use of automatic baking-free brick machine equipment performance, our company mainly engaged in auto baking-free brick machine equipment manufacturing and sales, in need friend you are welcome to inquire.

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