The method of cooling the block machine

- Jan 18, 2018 -

Due to high temperature in summer can bring some effect for many of the machine operation, the block machine at the time of production will be affected by temperature, due to the block machine at the time of production will generate heat, coupled with the influence of high temperature, hard to avoid can appear some fault, so it is bad for our work, so in order to avoid the high temperature of block machine equipment production, the effects of we must adopt the reasonable cooling way to keep the temperature of the machine.


The following is the cooling method introduced by the machinery factory in qing dynasty.

To reduce the fuselage temperature of the block machine, we first need to understand the working principle of the block machine, and find out the reason for the heating of the block machine.

Equipment is to cement block machine, concrete material often vibration of hydraulic forming, hydraulic system work in high frequency, will lead to rising temperature, oil temperature rise concentration decreases, hydraulic system pressure is not enough for the production of block quality and strength is not enough.

So must be cool block machine hydraulic system, the user can according to the local temperature, hydraulic system radiator is made of light weight, good seismic intensity, high heat exchange efficiency of the aluminum alloy material.

In the structure, we can use the inside of the radiator to have a built-in fin, so that the heat dissipation area can be increased to speed up the heat conduction.

In the heat of the day, the user must not expose the device to the sun under the sun, in a cool and dry place, if the machine temperature is very high, can add fan heat cooling.

Knowing the cooling method of the block machine, we can use the method described above to cool down in the future work, so as to ensure the normal operation of the block machine.

We also need to do a good job of checking it in the summer when we use the block machine, so that we can avoid some problems better.

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