The manufacturer teaches you to use the cement foaming machine after the inspection

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Cement foaming machine is a use of the role of blowing agent machinery, foaming agent and foaming machine can not be separated, the two interaction, only the common role can play a role, then we in the time of the use of cement foam machine need to pay attention to? What do we need to do after using the cement foaming machine to better promote the future use of our machinery?

Below our professional manufacturers to teach you to use cement foam machine after the inspection knowledge. After the construction of cement foam machine to timely inspection and maintenance, after the use of the inside will have a lot of residue, if we do not clean up these residues in time, will damage the cement foaming machine, shorten the life of cement foam machine, but if we clean up in time, so that we can do the maintenance of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine,

can also detect the damaged parts of the machine in time to repair. After the construction of the inspection and maintenance to do is: such as two days no longer carry out pumping operations, it should be the gradual demolition of pipe fittings, and then water pipe fittings inside and outside, clamps and seals, such as flushing clean, all pipe fittings for a comprehensive inspection, according to the specifications and the degree of integrity of the Rinse the stirring barrel, ball valve box, material cylinder, mixer and pump outside, and wipe the water from the cover and the Electric box, check the electric box for any influent and handle it accordingly. Cut off the power, remove the cable, remote control line, etc. Check the department to see if there is any damage. Dealing with problems found in operation, cleaning and maintenance of random tools, thatch and shielded of cement foaming machine.

After construction, remember to check maintenance. The above is our factory for you to introduce the cement foaming machine in the use of the process requires some of our inspection, we only follow these steps to check the cement foaming machine, will certainly for our next use brings a lot of help, and this to our cement foam machine life is also a great help.


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