The manufacturer's introduction to the problems related to the work of the brick - free brick machine

- Mar 20, 2018 -

With the constant improvement of the technical water bottle, the development of the machinery industry is changing constantly.

But we must also in the process of the development of mechanical industry will encounter a lot of knowledge and related problems, so today we will for you simple introduction about baking-free brick machine working principle.

The piston does not move the solution.

In the daily work of the brick - free brick machine, the piston does not move;

The reason for the non - fired brick piston is that the solenoid valve coil is burned.

The solenoid valve control relay fails, the controller disconnects or the contact is not good.

Start/stop button break, upper and lower control relay malfunction or coil burn.

The solution of the non-moving piston of the brick machine: replace or repair the solenoid valve coil.

Maintenance control relay or direct replacement of new products.

Check each stop button switch or new button.

Repair relay contact or coil change.

Most of the time if we don't reasonable maintenance for mechanical equipment maintenance and use it greatly shortens the time of their work and then we to introduce to some related problems of baking-free brick machine to you after the development of the industry is also helpful.

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