The manufacturer's introduction to the internal knowledge of the padding machine

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Knowledge about block machine people if they have a certain understanding, whether we have a certain understanding, today we will simply introduced some for everybody about block machine internal knowledge related introduction.

1, block machine vibrator: driven by electro-hydraulic technology, multi-source vibration system, under computer control vertical synchronous vibration produced by hydraulic drive, frequency adjustable, realize the low-frequency charging, the working principle of the high frequency shaping good compaction effect can be obtained for different raw materials.

2. Guide column: it is made of super special steel, with good anti-twist and abrasion resistance.

3, the control system: automatic PLC computer control, human-machine interface, electrical use Japan mitsubishi brand, such as comprehensive control program 15 years experience in actual production, combined with the international trend of development, to meet the conditions of design to write and become, to achieve without professionals, training to operation simple, powerful memory may be a need for the upgrade.

4. Mould pressing head: machine, electricity, liquid synchronous drive, the same plate product height error is very little, product consistency is good.

5, charging machine: the sensor and the proportion of hydraulic drive technology, the swing car cloth and arch breaking mechanism, the produce centrifugal blowdown force, cloth quickly, particularly favorable to perforated pad products.

From the above introduction, we believe that you have a certain understanding and understanding of the relevant knowledge of the block machine, which will be of great help to our future development.

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