The manufacturer's introduction to the equipment used in cement block machine

- Mar 20, 2018 -

Block machinery in our industry has a very important role, so about the cement block machine they use what related equipment, we simply introduce some for you today.

In order to ensure the normal operation of cement block machine in production, the distribution system of cement block machine will have a strict demand.

Today we are going to learn about the needs of the domestic cement block machine for the distribution system.

The first selection of electrical appliances shall be provided by the manufacturer, and the professional electrical wiring, connection and operation shall be organized in the device. It is necessary to set the ground wire according to the national regulations.

Because the stand or fall of power distribution system will affect the produce cement block machine operation ability and power, so in order to produce cement block machine of the high power operation, we must be strict attention to the power distribution system.

To ensure that the operation demand of cement block machine reduces energy consumption and saves the money.

The gap between the low voltage transformer and the output power equipment is within the demand scale, and it is necessary to exceed the total installed capacity of the equipment.

Automatic protection devices should be set up by users of electric appliances, and it is necessary to match the equipment parameters supplied by the factory.

In addition, the main power supply line of the block machine equipment is more than the total load.

In order to ensure the safety of the cement block machine, users must strictly comply with the above requirements when distributing the equipment.

From the above we believe that everyone in the introduction of the relevant equipment, and methods of the cement block machine had certain understanding and the understanding, it can better help us use and better development in the future.

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