The manufacturer introduces the difference between the cement foaming machine and the cement foaming agent.

- Mar 12, 2018 -

In our daily life, we often hear people talking about cement foaming machine and cement foaming agent, but what is the difference between these two products?

Below our professional cement foaming machine factory house to give you a detailed introduction of the difference between these two products!

First of all, the cement foaming machine is the equipment for producing foaming cement, and the cement foaming agent is an additive which can make the cement produce a lot of bubbles.

This is the most essential difference between the two. Who is more important?

In fact, they can't say who is more important, because they are mutually reinforcing.

The foaming agent itself is unable to produce foam, only through the mechanical action of the foaming machine can produce foam, so it is said that no foaming agent can produce bubbles themselves;

If there is no foaming agent, the cement foaming machine produces cement only ordinary cement does not have a series of advantages of foaming cement.

So they don't have the value of being there, and they don't have what he should have.

So the two are things that complement each other.

In our daily use, we must distinguish the differences between similar products so that we can be comfortable in use, so that we can bring some convenience to the development of our cement foaming machine industry.

We are professional do cement foaming machine manufacturer, if you have any cement foaming machine related problems, please inquire us, we will share for you in the future to introduce, hope you attention to us.


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