The manufacturer introduces the comparison between two kinds of block moulding machines

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Cement block plays an important role in the construction engineering, therefore in the process of practical production, the product quality of cement block plays an important role, so in the production of cement block, we should not only master the basic operation method of block forming machine, at the same time to master well block molding machine maintenance method, completes the daily maintenance.

Of course, there are many kinds of building blocks, and the following manufacturers will introduce two of them.

Concrete cement block molding machine equipment refers to a kind of brick machine equipment including cement. The concrete used in it is the general raw material, which is a raw material composed of various components.

The composition of concrete is mostly used to waste environmental protection raw materials, to realize the values of favorable conversion, and the development of cement block machine is also a reflection of recycling.

Cement block machine is the fine said block machine equipment, it refers to the cement block machine, cement mixed against other raw materials, such as river sand, stone powder, fly ash, slag, slag, ceramsite and other materials after blender mixing of raw materials, is the basic standard of a brick.

Which block in production, is to do with cement block machine equipment, it can transform block specifications and appearance shape, including the purpose of production such as pavement brick, additional secondary color fabrics of colored tile production, is done with the machine.

Cement is the main raw material that must be mixed with, conforms to the basic property of the shock pressure machine, cement mortar solidifies the brick after solidification, cement brick is better than red brick, the strength is higher.

In fact the two are similar, just cement block machine targeted stronger, at the same time in the process of production, either equipment, we have to to choose the appropriate model according to the requirements of production and equipment.

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