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- Jan 23, 2018 -

The block machine is a very common equipment on the construction site and occupies an important position in the present building.

Many different kinds of block machine, static block machine, cement block machine, hydraulic block machine, etc, the cement block machine in construction, railways, Bridges, tunnels and so on has extensive popularization and application, compared with the cement block machine more advantages than a hydraulic block machine.

1 in the concrete, cement block machine production can use the large-tonnage hydraulic cylinder clamped down, it can effectively ensure the compactness of concrete, so as to enhance their products highly accurate control, and hydraulic block machine is not possible.

2, cement block machine on operation is focusing on button control, full automatic production process, semi-automatic control method can not only keep rolling, can also be effective slider orientation, so that at the time of operation is more convenient.

3. The cement pad machine system USES integrated cartridge valve, which is more compact in structure and safe and reliable in operation.

Fast running speed, low energy consumption and low noise are better than hydraulic pad.

The pressure, pressing speed and travel range of the cement block are adjusted according to the demand, which is more convenient for the operator.

And the hydraulic pad machine is not allowed.

4, cement block machine can directly be replaced when the production of different types of abrasive tool for different type of production of block, block can reach more than c50 strength at the same time, the diversification of production, reduced production costs, and save the production time.

From the above points we can see that the cement block machine is more advantageous than the hydraulic cushion block machine.

In the choice, also should choose according to the actual situation, because some place may hydraulic cushion block machine is more suitable.

So different environments have different USES to choose different goods.

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