The manufacturer brings the relevant knowledge of block machine purchase

- Mar 16, 2018 -

Block machine for our industry development has brought a lot of help, so we in the block machine for long what knowledge do you need to pay attention to the process of choose and buy, then we can do some simple introduction for you.

Block machine body adopts large steel and special welding technology and materials manufacturing, strong resistance to vibration, the whole suspension and connection parts adopt "spring" of shock-isolation technology and approach vertical vibration technology, reduces the power loss and improve the compactness, achieved good effect of vibration reduction, and reduce the wear and tear of mould to extend the working life of the mold.

The cement block machine can be used with different specifications of different specifications for the different specifications of the block, the replacement of the mold is convenient and simple.

The mold can process 3 different kinds of cement blocks at one time.

Reduced the number of users.

The manufacturer must guarantee the quality of well block machine, and the broad masses of users in the selection of block machine, be sure to identify the quality of well block machine, remind everybody here, block machine equipment procurement principle is the same quality to compare prices.

But there are a lot of business leaders to total procurement staff issued equipment procurement price index, which is difficult to put forward clear requirements on the use of performance, the last in the order of the result is the lowest price, and the quality is not guaranteed.

Today we for block machine related knowledge introduction we have more knowledge and understanding of the ah, after will also bring more wonderful content for you, please continue to pay attention to us.

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