The importance of strengthening the maintenance of brick - free brick.

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine as now living in the popular machinery and equipment, due to the use of good performance, so favored by the vast number of users, in order to ensure the service life of baking-free brick machine and performance, we all have to do a good job in maintenance but we only know a lot of user knowledge of maintenance some fur, not better maintenance baking-free brick machine, so how to strengthen the baking-free brick machine maintenance?

Learn through the knowledge below.

1. The idea of "taking care of children".

There is no maintenance plan, and the minor faults are not noticeable. Only when there is a big problem in the machine can't work, this is the time to remember to repair.

The construction site environment is not good, the maintenance is restricted, do not have the strength, just do, do not make up the number.

2. The personnel who carry out maintenance work are not responsible, and do not follow the operation measures of maintenance. They will do whatever they want without any corresponding maintenance records.

3. The fund is troubled, and it is not maintained on time, and the poor quality oil and unqualified parts are used for maintenance.

4. The construction period is imminent, and the maintenance is not on time, ignoring the operating conditions of the machine, and forcing the operation for the time of construction.

Many factors are due to the thought of we don't have any maintenance staff, so we in the future life must strengthen the training of employees, let them understand the importance of keep maintenance of baking-free brick machine, so that in later life can better completes the maintenance work, hope we introduce knowledge can help to everyone.

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