The function of cement block is introduced in the slide county block machine factory

- Feb 02, 2018 -

In cities, we can be seen everywhere, there is still a lot already built building, now the different architectural construction craft, construction now generally use frame structure, frame structure, the steel is very important for building and using reinforced, will use a lot of cement block, they have what kind of role?

Let me introduce you.

1, the maintenance structure durability: in the concrete protective layer is too thin to penetrate and wet gas and water, these could make the steel corrosion and inflation, so that the destruction of a concrete influence use and security of structure.

2. The protective layer of the external force has anchoring force on the steel bar, and the anchorage force between the concrete and the steel reinforcement is used, and the two are closely combined to participate in the work together.

When the protective layer is too thin or missing, it reduces its anchoring force and reduces the force and bending moment of the structure.

It is easy to create cracks in the surface of thick concrete, which can affect the force of steel reinforcement in concrete.

3, fire protection layer of concrete has a certain thermal insulation effect, can more easily to soften when you encounter fire reinforced protection, if too thin, protective layer thickness under the environment of high temperature easy craze, cause reinforced in overheating and reduce the strength to destroy the whole structure.

In general, the cement block is used to protect the steel bar, which can prolong the service life of the steel bar and prevent the premature corrosion of steel reinforcement.

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