The feature of the cement block machine is introduced in the fully automatic block machine factory

- Jan 18, 2018 -

There are a lot of machinery in industrial production is indispensable, which plays an important role on the development of industry, including cement block machine has a wide range of applications in the industry, knowledge of cement block machine we know not many, for just contact it staff need to thoroughly understand the mechanical, to better use in the work, the following is fully automatic block factory introduction of the characteristics of the cement block machine.


Cement block machine main body chooses high-quality steel plate welded together, with reasonable structure, extrusion pressure, high vacuum degree, strong and durable, strong applicability, low consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance, etc.

The main machine of the cement block machine is made of wear-resisting material, which makes its life span more than 6 to 8 times that of ordinary reamer.

The lead (pitch) is scientifically arranged, which has the function of "micro-pressure conveying, high pressure extrusion", which can increase extrusion pressure and improve working efficiency.

More energy efficient.

The birth of baking-free brick machine, decrease of land resources in ease, the government began to adjust to the new idea of the construction of residential, a series of policies to encourage developers to develop baking-free brick, adjust the imbalance of land resources.

Energy saving is not only the duty of the state but also the duty of every citizen, we take reasonable way to improve the energy problem in our country, in order to achieve resource usage is balanced in our country, is our country is facing a big problem, baking-free brick machine to make the country to see the hope.

Earthquake resistance is better.

The new wall materials not only meet the energy saving problem, but also improve the earthquake resistance.

The research and practice show that the new wall materials are of high elasticity, light weight and masonry structure.

Use more widely.

It is believed that we have a certain understanding of the related use characteristics of cement block machine, which can also help us to produce and process effectively.

Therefore, we must understand the relevant use characteristics of products in the process of production and processing of products, which will surely bring us a lot of benefits.

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