The factory summarizes ten notices in the construction of the brick-free machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine is a typical product of our machinery industry, its use for the development of our industry has brought a lot of help, but the brick-free machine in the construction needs of our staff to pay attention to what knowledge? How to make better use of our baking-free brick machine in the process of construction?

Below our professional manufacturers to provide you with a detailed introduction and favorite brick-free machine in the construction of the ten points of attention.

1, every day to check the various parts of the free brick machine bolts tightness, especially the vibration of the parts, vibration motor belt needs to be regularly inspected, if there is wear, skid, relaxation and other phenomena, should be replaced or adjusted in time, such as belt pulley wear too much, should be replaced in a timely manner.

2, pay attention to the sticky plate on the situation, often clean up, if necessary downtime cleaning.

3, operation Block machine block Machine Block Machine block machine Safety First, in the running process, must not be reached into the mold frame and touch moving parts.

4, in the bricks-free brick brick machine to replace the brick machine mold, and so on, must use ropes hanging on the mold, to prevent sudden decline.

5, the hydraulic system oil must clean, strictly prohibit mixing impurities, often check oil level, oil temperature, low temperature, the replenishment of hydraulic oil, the first use of 1 months after the oil should be replaced or filtered, in order to prevent the system in the process of residual iron filings, the bottom of the fuel tank can be placed adsorption magnets (for adsorption iron filings).

6, often keep the free brick machine guide pillars and other moving parts of the cleaning, lubrication.

7, in the machine maintenance, the vibration axis of the axial movement must not be greater than 2mm, the motor steering must not be reversed (arrow direction)

8, when there is a jammed phenomenon, the first line must first close the direction valve, turn off the oil pump, and then deal with, is strictly prohibited in the flip direction valve handling jammed phenomenon. 9, every day after work, should be free brick machine brush clean, dry, add grease, or concrete knot hard to rub.

It is prohibited to flush the machine with water, because the machine is equipped with electrical appliances, water, it is very easy to damage equipment, and easily lead to accidents.

10, in strict accordance with the requirements of refueling, the amount of the vibration of lubricating oil for the bottom shell upward 45-50mm height, oil ruler regular (monthly) check the normal use of the vibration in the lubricating oil loss, must be supplemented in time. The above is our factory for you to sum up on the brick-free machine in the construction process needs our attention to the ten issues. We in the daily use of the process must be aware of this knowledge of our future rapid development of the industry is very helpful, we are a professional brick-free machine manufacturers, have any questions welcome to inquire us.


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