The factory introduces the requirements of raw materials

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Baking-free brick quality, in addition to baking-free brick machine and equipment operation, performance and other factors, for the choice of raw material also be very careful, such ability can effectively improve the quality of products, at the same time to ensure that the production efficiency.

So, what are the requirements for the raw materials of the fire - free brick?


1. Clay: it should contain a certain amount of loose particles to facilitate cement mixing.

Clay containing less sand can be mixed with sand in the soil.

Sand contains less sand and more hard clay. It must be ground and then mixed with sand.

2. Cement: add 10% of 425# ordinary Portland cement, which can improve the strength and water resistance of bricks, and do not crack after soaking.

Otherwise, common brick will appear crack phenomenon.

3. Admixture: adding a small amount of admixture (reinforcing agent), besides improving the hard bonding strength of bricks, it can also reduce the amount of cement and reduce the cost of products.

4. Water: with appropriate water consumption, the strength of bricks is high.

The molding water is small, the strength of the brick is poor, the material in the mold resistance is large, single surface pressure, brick bottom surface is not dense;

The molding water is much, the bottom surface is moist, the mold is easy to break.

When the moisture content of sand soil is 3-5%, the water consumption of the molding is 10%.

If the raw material is too fine, it will be reduced to 8%.

High quality raw material, plus a good raw material proportioning, such ability can guarantee the product quality guaranteed baking-free brick, before the production of products at the same time, we also want to learn about the use of baking-free brick machine equipment, production problems, to timely solve, ensure the quality of products.

Qingzhong machinery factory is specialized in the production and sales of the equipment of the machine, and for the use of equipment, if you have any doubt, you are welcome to consult us.

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