The factory introduces the problem of product production

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Block bricks are widely used in the construction industry, can be said to be the necessary products in the course of the construction of buildings, so the block or brick quality will be strictly controlled in the process of production.


The free brick machine is the equipment of professional production block and brick. In the process of production, the height error of the two rows of the same plate brick should not exceed 2mm.

If the error is above 2mm, or if the bricks are short of material and the bricks are not solid enough, the firebrick manufacturer will give you the following solutions.

1. Cause of failure: the parameter adjustment is unreasonable, the material is not uniform, and there is too little material in front.

Processing method: by adjusting the cloth before the stop time, rake time delay, cloth one-way time, 'cause a delay vibration time, its vibration time interval' parameters, such as increasing the cloth of the front of the frame, so as to improve the height of the brick.

2. Cause of failure: there is wear and tear on the front rake of the hopper, which is too short or lacking;

The front frame of the hopper is not clear of concrete, which affects the effect of the front cloth.

Wear or break of the truck's tile.

Processing method: check the above situations and then troubleshoot them.

3. Cause of failure: there is no adjustment level before and after the guide rail of the vehicle, and the surface of the mold frame is inconsistent with the bottom frame of the hopper.

Processing method: check the adjustment. Normally, the gap between the frame surface and the hopper is adjusted to 1mm.

4. Cause of failure: due to improper use of the moving beam or vibration beam of the head, the height difference between the front and rear elevation is too great.

Processing method: check and adjust the level.

Facing bricks problems arising from the production process, we usually will regular sampling inspection in the process of production, if the event of a problem can be timely adjusted, and can according to baking-free brick vendors would give you advice for processing.

Qingzhong machinery factory specializes in the production and sales of the equipment and block machine, if you have any problems in the process of product use, you are welcome to inquire.

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