The equipment manufacturer of the brick - free machine introduces the characteristics of the product

- Jan 23, 2018 -

With the continuous development of construction industry, a growing number of construction waste is produced, more and more land occupied, our country is implementing energy conservation and environmental protection concept of production, to control pollution and waste of land, this will limit the development of construction industry.


Cement block machine in order to better development in each city should be the creation of a large construction waste treatment plant, after baking-free brick machine equipment can let we hate rubbish into good use of green building resources, in recent years our country launched the baking-free brick factory preferential policies to promote the rationalization of utilization of resources, protection of land resources in our country, has carried out a large number of feasibility study, such as waste recycling, waste stones were used to improve the urban construction of the road.

With the acceleration of urban demolition, the production of construction waste in the city is increasing, and construction waste is now an urgent problem to be solved.

Domestic production of baking-free brick machine can well solve this problem, the emergence of baking-free brick machine solves the long comprehensive utilization of fly ash and coal gangue and other industrial waste residue of a series of important technical problems unresolved.

Baking-free brick machine production line, the host is combined with different proportion of compacted molding machine requirements of raw materials and the advantages of foreign advanced brick moulding machine, to the self-developed design, better adapt to the request of the fly ash lightweight materials such as molding, more than the similar foreign models have strong impact vibration.

Aiming at the complex situation of fly ash and industrial waste residue in all parts of the country, the pretreatment specification and technology of raw materials are designed and formulated in the production line.

The fire - free brick machine adopts automatic ingredients to ensure the performance and quality of brick.

By changing the mould, we can produce all kinds of brick products with different shapes and specifications, and the brick machine can be formed once, without producing secondary pollution in the process of production.

The use of construction waste as raw material to make the bricks without bricks is needed for the sustainable development.

With the acceleration of urbanization and the expansion of city scale, the increase of construction waste is increasing.

And the emergence of baking-free brick machine equipment solved this urgency, these construction waste crusher, as baking-free brick production of raw materials, production of baking-free brick appearance generous, and heat insulation, light the earthquake.

It has solved the problem of waste of land resources and solved the problem of building garbage accumulation, and it is in line with the development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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