The effect of bearing on the fire - free brick in the equipment

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine is a kind of is very important to our everyday baking-free brick equipment, there are a lot of parts in the baking-free brick machine equipment for baking-free brick machine production process has a great influence, such as baking-free brick equipment of bearing in baking-free brick machine production process has a great influence, so it in the production of baking-free brick machine have played an important role in what?

The following is our professional firebrick factory house to give you a detailed description of the impact of the spare parts of the brick machine on the free brick.

The fully automatic equipment is very popular, the bearing contains a lot of accessories, all kinds of screws, motor and pulley quality are very important for the use of the whole machine.

Bearing is a very common parts, the installation of the bearing is needed according to the normal steps, or at the time of use may cause great influence to automation equipment, the damage to the equipment caused by the situation will make production running out of order.

First of all, the gap between the bearings should be more appropriate and reasonable. The gap is too big and will inevitably be impacted. The gap size will be blocked when lubrication, which will cause the equipment to be damaged.

Second, quality and geometry on the surface of the bearing and shaft neck should be strictly guaranteed, and the bearing lubrication quality is better, for the bearing pressure and temperature and cleaning filter should be more formal, want to extend the service life of automatic brick machine maintenance should begin from the bearing.

The above is our professional fire brick factory home for the detailed introduction of the fire - free brick machine equipment of the bearing of the impact of the brick - free machine.

Actually not only is the baking-free brick machine, the same is true for other devices, each device in every parts of equipment has great influence to us, we must in every parts of the equipment is very clear, only in this way can we in better deal with it when the equipment problems, so as to ensure our normal use of equipment in the future


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