The daily use process of hammer mill is introduced

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Mill we are very common in our daily life, but hammer mill is very few people understand its operation specification, huaxian county enjoys our celebration in machinery factory is a professional manufacturer of hammer mill, let's share some about the knowledge of the hammer mill in daily use process.

First of all, the inspection, we must wear labor protection articles correctly, indefinite time check the abrasion of hammer head, look at the hammer head if there is any crack phenomenon, if the cracks, should be handled in a timely manner.

In addition, the particle size of the crusher is not allowed to exceed the maximum grain size of the material.

At ordinary times, pay more attention to the sound of the crusher, check whether the hydraulic and smooth system is working properly, and the problems can be avoided in a timely manner.

Check whether the protective cover of driving belt and coupling is loose, and the anchor bolts are loose, or they should be fastened in time.

Check the temperature and sound of the bearing regularly, the vibration of the body, abnormal and timely tell the relevant personnel to check.

When the equipment is in operation, the crusher will be broken and the noise is broken, and the machine will stop immediately and tell the relevant personnel and supervisors to check it in detail.

Does the knowledge of the operation process of hammer crusher help you?

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