The daily use of mortar pump should be paid attention to

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Concrete and cement are important basic materials in construction engineering. In order to ensure efficient transportation of building materials, mortar pump is usually used to transport concrete materials.


At the same time, in the process of using the mortar pump, we should pay attention to the maintenance work, and the mortar pump manufacturer summarizes the points.

A. The lubricating oil in the bearing pedestal shall be replaced regularly, and the normal condition shall be replaced once every six months.

B. cold season, after stopping the pump if there is icing phenomenon, should be connected to the seal cooling water, heat water in thawing, when necessary after plate dynamic coupling with the hand, until the flexible operation, according to the launch step driving again.

C. pump cooling water device, turn on the cooling water should be taken before driving, the normal operation of pump, can continue to get through, if the conditions do not allow also stopped, cooling water flow rate and pressure are not requirements, tap water;

D. the operation of the pump when close the outlet valve is called the running state of the closed pressure, all plastic or lining plastic pump pressure closed running time should be shortened as much as possible, the normal temperature medium is limited to no more than 5 minutes, generally not more than 2 minutes (high temperature medium;

E. points in the pump casing pump, such as pump imported more than 150 mm, the seal plastic split, some changes due to the heat bilges cold shrink size, when installation should be in the first section of the connecting bolt tightening, import pipeline connection again, in case of split leak, this is especially important for the users in the north.

F. The pump cannot bear the weight of the import and export pipeline. The shorter the inlet line is, the higher the vertical height of the pump outlet to the valve shall be as short as possible.

At the same time, when using the mortar pump, if there is water mark on the motor, we should wipe it in time to prevent the motor from dampening.

In order to ensure the service life of the product, we must do good maintenance work when using mortar pump.

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